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Cray-cray cow-y

embrace it

My teenage sons have forbidden my not-quite-teenage wife from using certain words and phrases. 'Cray-Cray', 'OMG', and ‘tubular’ are just out, as is indiscriminately adding 'y' to words that don't need it (picture driving to NC and hearing 'cow-y' and 'sheep-y' as we pass rolling pastures.) Yet, my wife’s indomitable spirit carries on – fun-loving all the way to the Outer Banks and back.

This might be a stretch for an analogy, but the word-banning feels similar to raising seed money for energy and sustainability startups in the DC market. True early stage seeds funds (if you can actually find one) don’t seem to like: ‘hardware’, ‘energy’, ‘electricity’, ‘selling to utilities’, ‘3-year break-evens’, ‘5-year exits’, and numerous other words and phrases that signal solutions are more complex and require more effort than social-mobile-local apps. The PEDC crew is dedicated to creating a local community for these intrepid entrepreneurs to band together and continue solving the big-ass problems of our times.

We will keep at it; marshalling on in the face of astronomical odds. Venceremos-y!!!

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