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do you have the grit to be an entrepreneur?

new service from DJM Consulting wants to know

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What happens when you cross an interview technique credited with 90% improved hiring with a funky looking documentation style? You get Grit Factor Interviewing from DJM Consulting. Critical Behavior Interviewing (CBI) has been trusted by industry stalwarts like Accenture for years. Mind mapping has been a geek's playground for even longer. This week, a 1/2-dozen PEDC members subjected themselves to the CBI-Mind Map mash up known as Grit Factor Interviewing. Rather than finding evidence of what would make a good Accenture consultant, Grit Factor Interviewing from DJM Consulting is finding evidence of behaviors that make for a good entrepreneur (and investment.) Click here to download the Grit Factor Interviewing White Paper.

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