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I’ve Finally Made it in DC

Someone is going to protest PEDC.

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I guess one of the badges of honor in the is crazy town that is DC is to be protested by someone. [semi-opening note: I am pretty much apolitical, this is not a political blog; if you do not like this blog post because it sounds too political, please email] Our collegial incubator, PEDC, is providing all the demos for the National Clean Energy Week Demo Day on the Hill (9/26/17). NCEW is all about clean energy. Granted, the event is being hosted by a bunch of people with ‘R’ after their names, but so what! NCEW is about CLEAN ENERGY, we applaud the ‘R’s for supporting the effort, and PEDC is providing the innovative CLEAN ENERGY demos. Today, in our pre-event briefing, we were coached to be aware that there are protester trying to infiltrate the event. What? The ‘D’s are coming to knock over our solar panel installations, hot water heaters, and paint recyclers? Boy, this is a weird town and getting weirder all the time.

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