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"undebate" on energy and sustainability policy

A democrat, republican, libertarian, and green walk into a bar ...

... and they start agreeing on energy and sustainability policy. This is not a joke, a gag, or a lie - fact-check us, please. We have the video to prove that there can be consensus in Washington, D.C. Watch the video here - hosted generously by NYU-DC. It wasn't just bi-partisan, it was quadpartisan. Areas of consensus ran from leveling the playing field of energy incentives to the role of the military in energy innovation. This was a remarkable achievement in our nation's capitol.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the "unDebaters":

- Green Party - Tim Willard - Co-Chair, Montgomery County Green Party

- Republican Party - Charles Hernick - running for U.S. House in VA's 8th District

- Libertarian Party - Arvin Vohra - running for U.S. Senate in Maryland

- Democrat Party - Chris Rackens - Democratic Energy and Environmental Policy Advisor

- Moderator - Jan Brinch

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